Official CrDroid 5.1 (9.0) For Redmi 5 | Full Review!

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Crdroid 5.1 pie for redmi 5 rosy


Sukrut bhagwat


No bugs


  • Merged android-9.0.0_r31, February security patch
  • Kernel upstreamed to 3.18.134
  • Merged latest caf tag
  • Added DiracSound controls
  • Migrate to livedisplay 2.0
  • dt2w added fixed in display option
  • Fixed screen cast
  • Cleaned unused cam blobs
  • Add battery stats reset option
  • Ability to hide superuser status bar icon
  • crDroid 5.1
  • Many more misc fixes
  • Upstream merge from lineageOS

How to install

  1. Download crdroid 5.1 and gapps for 9.0
  2. Reboot your device into recovery (preferred recovery is TWRP)
  3. Go to wipe and wipe everything except internal storage and sd card
  4. Go to install and flash crdroid 5.1 and gapps
  5. Reboot and enjoy.

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Crdroid 5.1


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