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Full Review

Bugs = Incall Audio Adjustment (Watch how to fix incall audio adjustment)


Pixel Experience Go Edition

Version: Pie (GO edition)
File name: PixelExperience_go_rosy-9.0-20190110-1959-OFFICIAL.zip
File size: 663.56 MB
md5sum: 3cb04c5bf981fa36a7249acf972a261a
Build date: 2019/01/10 19:59


New Version Pixel Experience Go Edition

Xiaomi Redmi 5 (rosy)

Version: Pie (GO edition)
File name: PixelExperience_go_rosy-9.0-20190109-1331-OFFICIAL.zip
File size: 686.86 MB
md5sum: 8821e873233da96cb7b55e2d69959c83
Build date: 2019/01/09 13:31


1. January Security patch
2. Fixed Translation
3. Updated Gapps
4. Minor Improvements
5. Initial Build


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