Wolf Kernel For Redmi 5

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About Wolf Kernel
Wolf Kernel is built for Redmi 5. It is developed to unleash the full power of your device. This kernel is developed in a manner to give you a balanced blend between battery life and performance. I added various tweaks i.e. governors, i/o schedulers, hotplug drivers and various other patches and fixes from many great kernels. The kernel will get updates regularly with new features/patches/fixes. I am continuously trying to make it more better day by day. I believe in quality over quantity.


Wolf Kernel(v1)

Compiled with UBERTC 4.9 Toolchain (Optimized for Cortex-A53)
Linux version 3.18.131
Android Oreo & Pie support
Latest CAF tag “LA.UM.6.6.r1-10500-89xx.0”
CPU OC to 2.0GHz
GPU OC to 650MHz
Add sdFAT support (supports ext4, vFat and others too)
Significantly improved performance & battery life
WireGuard VPN support
KCAL v2 colour control
Added FP boost
Added State notifier
Sound Contro
USB Fastcharge
F2FS support
Imported DTS Eagle
Implement Two-Step input boost
Initial AudioWizard

Governors : alucard, bioshock , conservative , despair , electron , elementalx , impulse , interactive , lionfish , lionheart , ondemand , performance , powersave , userspace


Wolf Kernel(v2)

Fixed laggyness
Fixed memory leak
Enable Boeffla wakelock blocker
drecrease time to enter sleep
Added earlysuspend
Added lcd notifier
Enable powersuspend driver
Enable Qnovo charging interface

I/O Sched : enabled BFQ-v7r8 I/O sched by default


Must be on Oreo/Pie based ROM (MIUI not supported, only Lineage and AOSP based ROMs supported as of now)
Must be on stock kernel of your ROM
A custom recovery should be installed

How to flash
Download the zip file of kernel from given below link
Boot your device into recovery mode
Select WOLF KERNEL(V1,V2) file
Flash the zip


Wolf Kernel V1

Wolf Kernel V2

[email protected] for helping in Overclock

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