Retro Kernel V1 For Redmi 5 | Lot Of New Features

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-USB fastcharge
-KCAL control
-Sound Control
-Voltage Control
-Governers( Alucard,Nightmare,Hyper,Lionfish,Lionheart,Impulse ,Bioshock )
-I/O schedulers ( noop, deadline, cfq )
-vibration control
-wireguard support
-merged caf tag
-optimized for better battery
-CPU Freq 652-1804MHz


– Backup your current kernel!
– Download latest kernel
– Boot into TWRP Recovery
– Select the package
– Reboot (no need to wipe anything)DOWNLOAD

Click Here To Download This File

Thanks to:
-Teamlions for sources
-shubham for helping
-all the testors

Version info:
current stable version:V1
Stable release date:30/12/2018

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