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Thunder-Storm Kernel was first introduced to Redmi 5. It is developed to unleash the full power of your device. This kernel is developed in a manner to give you a balanced blend between battery life and performance. Added various tweaks i.e. governors, i/o schedulers, hotplug drivers and various other patches and fixes from many kernels. The kernel will get updates regularly with new features/patches/fixes. I believe in quality over quantity

This Diwali Experience The Real Thunder


What’s New:-

# Linux version 3.18.124
# Android 8.1 Oreo & 9.0 Pie support
# Significantly improved performance & battery life
# Latest Android Binder
# Wake boost driver
# sdFAT filesystem (supports ext4, vFat and others too)
# Wake gestures
# Fingerprint sensor boost driver [FPC]
# WireGuard VPN support
# Qnovo charging driver for maintaining temperature
# USB Fastcharge
# Works in both AOSP/LineageOS based ROMs
# Governors` : • Impulse
• BioShock
• LionHeart
• Despair
• Elementalx
• LionFish
• Nightmare
Added latest DTS Eagle driver
Gaming Optimization’s
Spectrum Support
And a Lot More !

Notes by developer:-

# Underclock Governor’s for Awesome battery Life!
Dont Report Bugs If u Flash this Kernel From Codex Kernel as Base!!`


# FrancoKernel
# Revanth [ME]
# Murali

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