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credits and a lot of thanks

_ juanan
_ ANDROID Pie #9.0 telegram link (
_ subdragonzj
_Mr shubam
And all others
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1) Redmi 5 with Bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed (of course)
2) 2GB Internet data
3) 4GB storage
4) Patience
5) 30-45mins time

What to download;-
1) Mookee Rom ( download link )
2)Vendor Fix ( download link )
3)Boot image ( download link )
4)PR-1 GSI(extract the downloaded zip) ( download link )
5)Post 1-3 zips ( download link )
6)Lag fix zip (download link )
7)Update Gms apk
8)Magisk (If you want to use root) download from google

Steps to install:-
1) Install TWRP treble recovery (how to install treble recovery on redmi 5)
2) Install Mookee ROM
3) Install vendor.img (select vendor image partition in Install image option)
4)install boot.img(select boot partition in Install image option)
5)Once done then reboot and wait for the ROM to boot. Just complete the default setup and now again reboot to PBRP
6)Wipe data only in advance wipe option.
7)Now Now install the extracted PR-1 GSI and install it and image (select system image partition)
8)Wait for it to install.
9) Now go to mount and Mount vendor
10)Now install post GSI zip in the order of 1-2-3
11) Now install Pr-1 Lagfix.
12) Now Install Magisk (if you want)
13) Now reboot
In few seconds if you did not pass the MIUI boot logo or you were kicked to recovery or fastboot mode then you did not follow above steps correctly see what you missed now clean everything and start from step 1 again. So if you don’t want this to happen do step by step as mentioned.

14) if you see a Google boot animation then wait for 2 mins or a bit more long.

15) It may boot up and show lockscreen if not it will show a black screen.
Wait for few seconds it may auto reboot if not do force reboot.

16)Repeat step 14 till you see a lockscreen
If you are lucky then you will see the lockscreen in few reboots. If not lucky then it wont pass the black screen even after 30 reboots.

17) if it boots then great
now there are few more steps to make it usable.

Tips after it boots:-
1) Once in boots up immediately go to settings and go to display settings and go to Ambient Display and turn off everything immediately (within 1 minute of boot)
2)Don’t do heavy tasking as the ROM is a bit unstable.
3)Don’t even think of rebooting the ROM.(it will never boot again<will stay on blackscreen> there is some boot problem).
4)While installation don’t install any additional zip files.
Except the mentioned one.

Bugs are same as Oreo ROM only few extra bugs like boot problem and volte( In P semi GSI group don’t ask about volte fix they will give instant ban)
If you have followed above steps correctly then you must be tasting the pie.

5) You still won’t be able to install login to google account so install the GMS APK now you can login after installation

6)You will see 3 annoying notification in status bar to fix it.

Go to app settings and search for Pixel setup and disable it.
Now search for Google Play Store in app settings in settings and and click notifications and uncheck the unlisted notification.

Now the ROM is ready to use..


Download Links

Mokee ROM (8.1.0)


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